Wow another year has come and gone and I had the privilege of attending Jesse Brisendine’s Unlock Your Greatness for a second time! It is hard to believe a week has already gone by since the live event and I feel like it was yesterday that I was giving Jesse a hug goodbye and thanking him for another amazing success with this year’s UYG!

14708109_10154596957361081_8597474729591418612_n I have so many thoughts and feelings going on inside of me about what transpired in those two days that I am trying to grab some and put them down here for you all to benefit from too. I have to admit, when I first showed up my initial thought was to really focus on connecting more with the people around me then to actually focus on anything I wanted for myself. I thought I had already understood and was implementing the tools that Jesse gave us last year at UYG2015 and that I didn’t feel like I was in need of learning much more…well that ended up not even being close to the truth at all. I found myself from the beginning of Day 1 up until the end of Day 2 taking massive amounts of notes for myself which was way different than what I did last year( I didn’t take any last year as I felt I was focused on more of what Jesse was explaining to me). I felt the urgency to become a sponge and soak  up everything that Jesse was sharing this time around. I believe it was because I knew deep down inside of me that I wasn’t living up to my GREATNESS that I know Jesse was wanting for all of us, hence why he created this amazing live event and why I really needed to be there!

I had a few amazing moments that were life changing for me and one of them was when I was leaving my old story and old meaning behind and rewriting my new meaning and new story for myself. It was even more powerful for me when I decided to open up and share that experience to the whole group and it just solidified why I was there and what I am capable of!!!  I am truly grateful it allowed a shift inside of me to occur that opened up my heart,mind and soul to the possibilities of loving others at the level I am capable of loving myself and allowing myself to be okay with being vulnerable and exposed as that is how we can connect with each other!!!


I also was able to have a really interesting a-ha moment when I was doing the exercise that Jesse calls our “Ring Of Power”. I remember last year that most of my emotions arose when I was releasing all of the NEGATIVE emotions I was holding onto at that time and how the tears were just flowing out of me at that point. But what was amazing for me this time around was to feel an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness when we were adding in our POSITIVE emotions to the ring this time around and found my tears of truth flowing in abundance when that happened and not when I was focused on releasing the negative emotions this time around. I think it is because I was able to realize I had let a lot of the negative emotions go the first time I did it and was truly focused on all the LOVE I was feeling in that moment when I was doing the exercise this time around! So cool! I was beyond words when I was doing this and it just felt more freeing than I ever thought possible!!! 14691146_10154610208871081_3585847527084380822_n

I also knew that I had gained so many new and life long friendships this time around that it made me beyond happy because I knew that I was surrounding myself with some unbelievable human beings that also had like-minded thoughts and ideas of bettering themselves too! I even felt that those that I had met last year I had a stronger connection with them this time around and perhaps that was me opening up to the amazing love and joy that comes with allowing people into your life and trusting them enough that they want to be around you as well!!!14731327_10154602139886081_1842510168659453092_n


By the end of Day 2, I felt more renewed, reinvested and restored to what I am capable of in this life’s journey I am on. I truly started to believe in myself and love myself enough to see my true potential and it was empowering beyond belief!!! I want to take a moment and truly thank Jesse Brisendine for his unwavering faith he put in all of us that attended his event and his amazing wisdom and insights into how to deal with life’s struggles and see our true potential and unlocking our greatness from within us! Jesse had us celebrate ourselves by the end of his live event and I continued the tradition on from last year, by running into the ocean after we were done with UYG! It has significant symbolic meaning to me why I do it and I am so happy a lot of my friends felt the same way too! 14666322_10154588077841081_1651621547167023612_n


I know for me that this is another great point in my journey to allow myself to grow and learn and expand and implement all that I have been exposed to while I have had the honor of attending UNLOCK YOUR GREATNESS 2016!  I am excited for what my future holds and seeing that there are ZERO LIMITS to what is possible for myself going forward!!! I am leaving some pictures below of some great moments I will cherish forever! Thank you again Jesse! You are my rock and my north star! Love you to pieces!!!!

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