Faiths Fitspiration: Final Journey to 160 Pounds

weight loss journey, inspiration, healthy living, how I lost huge amounts of weight without surgeries

About Faith:

I am a Certified Transformation Health Coach. I also am a Wellness Advocate and a Certified AromaTouchTechnican that specializes in using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in my life daily along with sharing how to use them with my clients to benefit their overall health and well- being. I coach clients in many aspects of improving their life including wellness, mindset, health, detox and transformation.

Filling the gap of when the doctor tells you to improve your health but are not sure which habits to begin to stack for success. I am here for support and to provide customized natural lifestyle hacks that you can mold into your life.

I am in love with my new lease on life and living in a small bedroom community called Raymond in the province of Alberta, Canada. It puts me that much closer to the Rocky Mountains where I love to spend a lot of time in the summer months. I love to go hiking and be near the amazing bodies of water that help me stay grounded and connected to my higher self!

As most of us do I am working to conquering my own weight, fitness and mindset hurdles, 1 change at a time, 1% at a time. I have been able to lose over 200 pounds so far and want to continue to share my story as I strive to reach even bigger goals.

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The Blog:

Provides a glimpse into my life as I have been on this Weight Loss Transformation Journey and what insights, tips and advice I can share along the way to my Final destination of being the fit, healthy, vibrant woman I know I meant to be and share my struggles, triumphs and roadblocks along my path to the True Authentic Me!

Stay tuned as the blog grows

Client Coaching:

I offer a customized and individualized program. Based on your health history, current ailments, and mostly your health and wellness goals. There are different levels of involvement and support. I currently specialize in weight loss techniques, overall health improvement detox and utilizing certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils to help aid in your overall health and wellness.

I am a Certified Transformation Health Coach and received my certification through FitLife.TV.

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Wellness Advocate/ Certified AromaTouch Technician

I am a natural medicine advocate who loves to share my knowledge and resources with those looking for alternatives to the synthetic and chemical based options out there. I am an advocate of promoting health and wellness with using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in your daily lives. I am also a certified AromaTouch Technician that helps improve your well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function. TheAromaTouch technique is simple and intuitive and uses dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils for an unparalleled grounding experience.

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